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Startrails Video Clip

A short video of startrails in the night sky. It was made out of a long exposure bracket. Best viewed in full screen:

These comet like startrails are the result of an long exposure bracket in the night. The startrails get visible with long exposure shots. Every single image has an exposure time of 30 seconds. I did approximately 400 shots in an period of nearly 4 hours. Needless to say, that the sky had to be perfectly clear. No clouds, no moon. Afterwards the photos where combined to the video.

Sound by freesound: Moonshine 140bpm byBooGaGo.


Startrails Photo

Additionally all photos were merged into one single image. The stunning result is an image with circular startails:


To stack the single photos to one single image or to a video clip, Startrails or StarStaX are perfect. Both applications are freeware. They combine the short trails of a single photo to long trails covering the whole exposure bracket.

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