DexpotDexpot changes your screen up to 20 screens!  Virtual desktops are supplemental work spaces for windows and icons in Windows. You can switch virtual desktops at a keystroke or with your mouse. Get rid of icon chaos on your desktop: each desktop can have its own files and shortcuts. Split up your desktop icons by subject area. Features such as sorting and aligning of icons are maintained. Different backgrounds per monitor are possible as well. Set my wallpapers and background colors of your choice for each desktop. I like this tool for more than ten years now.

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Contenido modules

This homepage was based on the open source content management system (CMS) Contenido for a long time. I developed the following modules (further) to display multi-medial contents on a website.

The FLV Media Player plays many different formats like mp4, flv, swf, mp3, jpg, gif and more. Playlists are supported. It is implemented in XHTML 1.0 Strict valid via Javascript.

With the DivX Video Player you can easily integrate DivX movies on websites.

The Quicktime Player completes the mulimediaplayer for contenido.

For support, please see the Contenido-Forum.


DivX is a registered trademark of DivX, Inc.

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